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A Tunnel Too Far
Read "A Tunnel Too Far" today! *AUTHORSdB 1/15/15


The tragic story of Frank Cermak, a fictional, first-generation Bohemian-American living in Chicago at the verge of The Great Depression.  He's a proud and opinionated young man, and he thinks he has the world figured out.  Although he is gainfully employed in a job he likes, has a girlfriend he wants to marry, and has money put away for a rainy day, he gets involved in doing small jobs for mob criminals.  The old freight tunnel system buried  under the city (still there in the 21st century, but accessible only to a few caretakers) is the setting of the story and the tool that allows Frank to flourish as a petty mobster.  Soon, Frank has no choice but to graduate to major crime, as the mysterious mobster Sarconi pushes Frank further over the line into a hell of Frank's own making.  After unintentionally committing robbery and murder, Frank learns more about his other sins than he would like.  (Digital cover shown at left; paperback cover below)

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A Tunnel Too Far

Paperback cover shown at left

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