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The Plutonium Standard
Written in the days following the infamous Three Mile Island nuclear accident, this is the author's first novel.  The science is real!  The scenario is possible!  The politics of the twenty-first century are right!  In today's world of bitcoin and electronic transactions, why wouldn't it be possible to base a currency on plutonium?
The operator of an unconventional new nuclear power plant conspires to take over the global economy by making plutonium the standard for all economic transactions.  Arthur Reinhardt leads a group of mercenary activists who must stop the secret stockpiling of plutonium before world powers find out they no longer control a material that will become the world's best source of both clean energy and dirty nuclear weapons.  As an third group unexpectedly overrides the security of the plant, burdened by a failed relationship with the operator's wife, Reinhardt works to make sure that a stolen shipment of plutonium does not result in the "dirty bomb" contamination of a major city.


The Plutonium Standard is currently available only from

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