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Murder U.A.V.

More brutal, more depraved, and more dangerous than any adversary private detective Charlie Komensky has ever encountered, this sadist’s reach is pervasive and global. Unwatched, he will rape or kill the most innocent. Undeterred, he will gather unsuspecting followers by the thousands. Unstopped, he will destroy the oldest and most powerful of institutions. When Charlie’s fiancée Linda is arrested for domestic terrorism, failing to prove her innocence draws him into a nightmare of death and perversion where Linda isn’t the sweet girl he knew. It’s a world of secret sex clubs, covert militias and high-tech weapons beyond his imagination; one where Charlie hangs onto moral high ground by his fingertips. No other case has led Charlie into sexier situations, faster action, more thrills, or higher stakes. Is the end near for Charlie and Linda—and maybe for society as we know it?


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