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The two short stories below are part of the overall story arc of the Charlie Komensky private detective murder mystery thriller series.  Please see the Charlie Komensky Files page to see how they fit in.

Sex Lies and Insurance Claims Book Cover

The stalker of a local news celebrity becomes a murder victim in the fifth story featuring Charlie Komensky, the train-watching detective. He can’t avoid getting involved when she’s killed during a TV interview almost right under Charlie’s nose. Did the celebrity look-alike stalker get targeted because someone mistook her for the real thing? Or did she learn something while stalking, something so powerful she had to be silenced? Charlie calls his own judgment into question when veteran anchor Linka Wurst turns out to be two different people, and Charlie may have slept with both of them. As her ties to the Russian Mafia are exposed, Charlie’s investigation becomes a threat to more than just organized crime in this fast-paced, enjoyable little thriller.

Killer Interview
Wheel Deadly
Sex Lies and Insurance Claims Book Cover

In this short story, the publisher of a controversial political instrument for a Chechen separatist group sustains fatal, crushing injuries in a horrible SUV rollover. Was it murder, suicide, or just an accident?  Still suffering mightily from injuries sustained during the investigation of The Flat Tire Murders, Charlie Komensky is faced with the most daunting challenge yet: He must solve a mystery while confined indoors under doctor’s orders, and he must do it with Linda, his fiancée, looking over his shoulder.  Will the circumstances bring danger and gun play into Linda’s home in this short-story interlude between The Flat Tire Murders and The Steam Locomotive Murders?

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