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My published non-fiction consists of one short book based on my other life as an insurance professional.  I won't tell you not to laugh, because I want you to.  Insurance is full of black humor and insane characters in interesting circumstances.  Get a barrel of laughs and learn something about this crazy business that affects us all.

Sex Lies and Insurance Claims Book Cover
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Did you know that there isn't one independent publication or one blog on the whole, entire Internet to help YOU, the average consumer, navigate through the minefield of making an insurance claim?  Of course you didn't.  You're sane,and sane people don't Google information like that.  But--take the author's word for it--there are many, many publications, online and off, and blogs written by people with an ax to grind; people like attorneys, insurance companies, agents, and public adjusters. People who want to make money from your misfortune! And many people who just want to stir up distrust between consumers and the insurance companies to which consumers have paid so much in premium dollars. These people are perfectly sane, but they'll drive you stark raving nuts!  The author has over 40 years experience in personal lines insurance claims, and is no longer in the business. He's a full time writer who would like to see his experience help people get their legitimate claims handled without the insanity, and with a maximum fair payout. The author gets no percentage from lawyers or insurance companies. 


So join the author on this hilarious trek through the hilarious and not-so-hilarious world of personal insurance claims. Next time you have a claim to make, you'll be so glad you did, and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank, not to the asylum.


Digital - $1.99 only (Kindle unlimited free)

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